Thursday, February 21, 2013

Life With Two (a recap of the last 3 months)

I just know that someday, I'll look back on this blog and kick myself for not blogging at all the last 3 months or so. Man, oh man, I just went through my pictures to try to get the blog all caught up, but there is just no stinking way I can catch everything up. There's just going to have to be a 3 month chunk missing. Here's my quick recap:

December: We dealt with the boys' first colds of the season. Christmas was crazy busy, but such a good time with our families. Bennett loves presents (like his mama) and was so grateful for everything he got. He really does play with everything. Silas was so funny when we opened our presents at home. He was so smiley and excited like he knew he should be or something. 

January: Matt, Bennett & Matt's dad went to Monster Jam. Bennett loves monster trucks and was so excited! Matt's mom found an old Grave Digger shirt that was Matt's when he was little & Bennett got to wear that to Monster Jam. They only stayed until intermission because that's how long a 2-yr-old's attention span lasts. We also relisted our house for sale with a new realtor. We haven't had much interest, but have an open house on Saturday, so if you all could pray the right buyer comes then, we'd really appreciate it! That pretty much sums up January.

February: Matt was able to attend the Desiring God pastor's conference in Minneapolis the beginning of this month. Lucky for us, we have some great friends who live in Minneapolis, so the boys & I got to come with and spend some time with them while Matt was at the conference. We went to the Minnesota Childrens' Museum and rode rides at the Mall of America. Bennett rode the log ride with me and wasn't scared at all. It was so nice (and a little exhausting...traveling with kids is no joke) to get away for a while. The boys slept the entire drive home, so Matt & I had 4 hours or so just to talk. I broke out this list of questions to ask your spouse and we had awesome conversation that left me feeling so reconnected with Matt.

Matt was able to give his two week notice at HyVee this past Monday. Starting next month, he will be working full-time at our church as the Associate Pastor. I know that he is so excited to be able to do what he is passionate about for a living. 

He will hate what I'm about to say (he's as humble as they come), but really, he's my husband & I'm just going to brag on him for a second. We have been married for nearly seven years & through our whole marriage, he has never had just one job. The first two years he went to school full time and worked part time. Then, he worked at HyVee full time and volunteered his time as a youth pastor. The last year and a half he has been working between 60-70 hours/week between HyVee and church. He is such a hard worker and I am so grateful for what he has done so that I can be home with our boys. While there have been times that he's wished for a more reliable schedule, he has always been glad to have work and glad that he can work to provide for us. 

This new job is something that we've desired for Matt for a long time, but are so glad that God had us wait. We have had so many experiences in the waiting process that we wouldn't trade for anything. If Matt had gotten a full time job at a church right out of college, he wouldn't be the man he is now and we wouldn't be at our church, which is right where we are supposed to be. Okay, that was more than a second, I guess. All this to say, I'm so grateful for and proud of my husband (you can stop blushing now, Matthew).

I'll leave you with a few of my favorite pictures from the last few weeks and a promise to be back here more often.

My boys & me on my birthday.

Getting Silas in on some play time.

Lunch date with Bennett