Thursday, March 29, 2012

12 weeks

Baby is the size of a lime this week.

Pregnancy: 12 weeks, 3 days
Due Date: October 8th, 2012

Weight Gain: -3.5 pounds. I don't actually use my scale at home, so I won't have an update until my next appointment.

Sleep: Tossing and turning most of the night. Bennett didn't sleep through the night until he was a year old, so I'm thinking I'm probably done sleeping all night for the next year and a half.

Gender: Hopefully finding out in May.

Feeling: Ehhh. I can't really complain because so many people have it worse. I've been having a hard time eating (but don't worry, I am eating) &I've gotten sick twice. I'm hoping all this gets better soon since I'm nearing the second trimester.

Movement: None yet, but I felt Bennett as 15 weeks, so I'm hoping it won't be too much longer.

Belly: I'm awful at taking pictures. I need to have Matt take some so that I can post them. I'm definitely enjoying my maternity pants!

Next Appointment: OB: Tuesday, April 10th at 14 weeks. I think we'll have the anatomy ultrasound at 18 weeks. It's crazy to think that's only 2 appointments away!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Gender Prediction: Chinese Gender Chart

This gender predictor isn't nearly as entertaining as the post last week, what with all the urine and science and such (sorry to those of you who were looking forward to another exciting installment...), but I've gotta spread them out, ya know?

I looked at the Chinese Gender Chart when I was pregnant with Bennett and it said that he should be a girl, which was obviously wrong. The website I found it on claims that it is supposed to be 90% accurate in determining a baby's gender based on the age the mother was at conception and the month the baby was conceived in. This is the website I'm using if you're curious or want to see if it was right for your kids.

First, you have to determine your lunar age. Mine is 25. Then you have to calculate the lunar month of conception. Our conception month was January. I used the site below to calculate the lunar month and apparently it was the 12th month on the lunar calendar, so December.
Chinese Gender Chart to Determine Your Baby's Gender » Baby Gender Prediction

SO, after all that, I referenced the chart that can be found at the link below and it tells me that I'm supposed to be having a boy. While I'm tempted to score it opposite since it was wrong with Bennett, that wouldn't be fair to the experiment (or something like that), sooooo, boy it is.

That makes our score after week 2:

BOY: 2

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Happy Birthday, Bennett Isaiah!

 Today is Bennett's 2nd birthday! Oh man, last year at this time I was a wreck! I stopped nursing Bennett on his first birthday and I think the drop in hormones combined with realizing that my baby was officially not a baby was just too much for me to handle! This year, I am so excited! Bennett has been telling people that he is 2 for at least 6 months & he finally is!

I'm going to fill the rest of  this post with some of my favorite pictures from the last 2 years. I'll do a 2 year update later. These pictures are just all the cuteness I can handle today.

Love at first sight.

Happy Birthday, Bennett Isaiah! We are so blessed to have you in our lives!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Gender Prediction: Baking Soda + Urine

Be aware that there are pictures of urine, my urine, in this post... You've been warned.

I have (hopefully) 7 weeks until our anatomy ultrasound when we'll find out the gender of our baby! I have 7 Old Wives tales picked out that will supposedly tell me the gender and will do one each week to share with all of you. Unfortunately, some of them involve, well, urine. So, enjoy!

The first Old Wives Tale doesn't really have an official name- just the "Baking Soda Test". I covered the bottom of a cup with baking soda (there was no exact amount, which I feel like would have made this a bit more scientific) and then poured some urine in the cup. If the mixture fizzed, the result is boy. If the mixture had no reaction, the result is girl.

Step One:

Step Two:

Step Three:

This was the point where Matt came in and freaked out that I put pee in a cup. I assured him it was fine &maybe he just shouldn't drink out of the juice glasses any more. Annnd maybe this cup will take a few extra rides in the dishwasher...

Anyway, there was definitely fizz, so the result to this Old Wives Tale is BOY.

BOY          GIRL
                               1                0

Saturday, March 17, 2012

10 Weeks (&5 days)!

Okay, so now that word is finally "officially" out there, I've got some fun things planned for this blog! 

I'm 10 weeks & 5 days today. We found out the end of January & managed to keep it almost a secret until my birthday on February 10th. We bought Bennett a "Big Brother" shirt and had him wear it at my family get together for my birthday. 

I had an ultrasound at 7 weeks, 4 days and everything looked good. Baby was measuring 2 days behind, so 7 weeks & 2 days, but it wasn't enough of a difference to change my due date. I'm due October 8th, but given the 2 day difference plus I went 3 days over with Bennett, I'm shooting for the 11th.  I'm going to the same OB's office as when I had Bennett and have the same insurance, but for some reason, they didn't do an early ultrasound with Bennett. It was nice to be able to see the heartbeat (149) that early!

I just had my first official appointment this week and got to hear the heartbeat again (177). Bennett's heart rate was always high. I don't think it was ever below 160, but my OB said that most baby's heart rates are high at the beginning. I'm interested to see if this one's mellows out or not.

Bennett is as excited as an almost 2-yr-old can be. When we ask him what is in mommy's tummy he says "BABY!". When I ask if he thinks it's a girl baby or a boy baby he says "Girl Baby." Always. 

I'm feeling pretty good. Very tired and a bit nauseous, but I've only actually thrown up once. I didn't get sick at all with Bennett, so that was a surprise.  

Pregnancy: 10 weeks, 5 days
Due Date: October 8th, 2012

Weight Gain: -3.5 pounds I haven't had much of an appetite & have plenty of food aversions...mainly to anything I cook. If someone else makes it, it's golden.

Sleep: I have the best husband ever. He works mostly afternoon/evening, so he has been getting up with Bennett in the mornings and letting me sleep in...almost every day! I've been so tired, and this has been the best thing Matt could do for me!

Gender: Hopefully finding out in May.

Feeling: Really great! 

Movement: None yet, but I felt Bennett as 15 weeks, so I'm hoping it won't be too much longer.

Belly: I made the switch to maternity pants this week. I had one pair of jeans that were still fitting. I started wearing maternity pants with Bennett at 13 weeks, so I guess it's not super crazy that I've switched already.

Next Appointment: OB: Tuesday, April 10th at 14 weeks. I think we'll have the anatomy ultrasound at 18 weeks. It's crazy to think that's only 2 appointments away!

Friday, March 16, 2012