Monday, April 30, 2012

17 Weeks!


Baby is the size of a turnip this week.

Pregnancy: 17 weeks
Due Date: October 8th, 2012

Weight Gain: -1.5lbs- I'm still not using my scale at home because it isn't reliable at all, so this was as of 2 weeks ago. I'm sure I've gained since then.

Sleep: I'm sleeping pretty well, but needing a lot! I'm still napping fairly often.

Gender: Just a little over 1 week until we find out! I'm starting to get excited about our ultrasound. We're praying that everything is healthy & that Baby cooperates!

Feeling: Eh, depends on the day. My allergies are out. of. control. The only allergy medicine that normally works well for me is Allegra, but I can't take that while pregnant. I've been taking Claritin, but it's almost as if I haven't taken anything!

Movement: Not consistent, but definitely there!

Belly: Growing, growing, growing! 

Next Appointment:  Wednesday, May 9th for the anatomy ultrasound & next OB appointment. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Gender Predictions: Randoms

There are tons of Old Wives Tales about gender that don't really involve a "test". I'm just gong to list them here and see what the results are. Here are the "randoms":

Craving Sweet (girl) or Salty/Sour (boy): Definitely more sweet. There are still salty things that I'd like to eat, but all of my sudden cravings are for sweet things.Like when I suddenly needed pumpkin bars last week. I had to run to the store to get the ingredients. Result: GIRL

Husband Weight Gain (girl) or No Weight Gain (boy): I don't think Matt's gained weight since I've been pregnant. Result: BOY

Round, Full Face (girl) or Not (boy): I've actually had people tell me that my face looks like I've lost weight, so I'm going to go with "not" on this one. Result: BOY

My age at conception + # of the month conceived in equals even (boy) or odd (girl): 24 + 1 = 25, odd Result: GIRL

Moodier than usual (girl) or not (boy): I think Matt would jump to tell you that I've been moodier...unfortunately. Result: GIRL

Face breaks out (girl) or not (boy): My face (&chest&back) is definitely more broken out than usual. Just in time for my brother's wedding in a few weeks.Yaaaay...Result: GIRL

So, if I add all these to our previous total, the score this week is:

BOY: 6

Next week is hopefully the last week of these posts! We should find out via ultrasound what we are having the week after that! If there's an Old Wives Tale that I haven't done and you'd like to see, please comment and let me know!

Monday, April 23, 2012

16 Weeks!


Baby Super Car is about the size of an avocado this week!

Pregnancy: 16 weeks
Due Date: October 8th, 2012

Weight Gain: -1.5lbs- I'm still not using my scale at home because it isn't reliable at all, so this was as of 2 weeks ago. I'm sure I've gained since then.

Sleep: I'm sleeping pretty well. The other day I took a 3 hour nap and still slept all night (except for the one time I had to get up to go to the bathroom). Still pretty tired throughout the day, though.

Gender: 2 weeks until we find out! We didn't name Bennett until after he was born, but we already have a boys name, well, at least the first name picked out already. So, if it's a boy, I think we'll name him right away. We have no agreement on a girl's name, so if it's a girl, she'll probably be named after birth like Bennett.

Feeling: Pretty much just tired. I have been having some round ligament pain the past few days, so I've been trying to take it easy & not lift Bennett as much. They seem to be worse when I'm picking him up a lot.

Movement: Not consistent, but definitely there!

Belly: Growing, growing, growing! 

Next Appointment:  Wednesday, May 9th for the anatomy ultrasound & next OB appointment. We were hoping for an appointment on the 8th, since that's Matt's birthday, but we'll take what we can get. Now to hope that Super Car wants to cooperate!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Gender Prediction: Spoon or Fork?

This may be the most ridiculous gender predictor I've heard of.

I had Matt place a spoon beneath one pillow &a fork beneath another pillow on the couch. When he was done, I came in the room &sat on one of the pillows. If this pillow I sat on had a fork underneath, the prediction is boy. If it had a spoon, the prediction is girl.

We had to try to do this several times. As soon as Matt would set the pillows, Bennett would grab the spoon out from under one.

I sat on the pillow on the right &pulled out a fork! So, the prediction for Week 5 is BOY!

BOY: 4

It was interesting that since Bennett is still insistent that this baby is a girl &he kept grabbing the spoon from under the pillow. Not that it means anything...just interesting.

Friday, April 13, 2012


Oh how excited I am that instagram has found it's way to android! We've only had our droid phones for about a month, but when we decided what phone to get, no instagram was my biggest disappointment.

Here are some instagram pics from our week. I'm having to post from my phone, so sorry for the weired spacing!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

14 weeks (&3 days)!

Baby "Super Car" is about the size of a lemon this week.

I had an appointment this week. Everything was just great. Baby's heartrate was 164, which I think is slower than Bennett's was at this point, but I'm not entirely sure. 

Pregnancy: 14 weeks & 3 days
Due Date: October 8th, 2012

Weight Gain: -1.5lbs- I've gained 2lbs since my last appointment, but am still not quite to what I started at. All of this is completely fine.

Sleep: Ah, sleep! We're friends again! I'm getting up about once a night to use the restroom, but other than that, I'm actually sleeping! I'm still tired throughout the day & either take a nap or have one serving of caffeine to get me through the day.

Gender: 4 weeks until we find out! I really don't have any intuition one way or another. Bennett still says it's a girl who should be named "Super Car".

Feeling: I'm feeling pretty good. Gotta love the second trimester! I'm in that weird period of time right now where I'm not sure that I feel the baby moving, but I feel great. It's always hard to know if everything is okay.

Movement: My doctor asked me if I've been feeling movement &I told her that I've been feeling something, but I just can't be sure if it's the baby or not yet. She assured me that at this point it probably is. It's obviously not consistent at this point, which is why I think it's so hard for me to think that it is the baby for sure.

Belly: See pic above. I finally took a picture!

Next Appointment:  Wednesday, May 9th for the anatomy ultrasound & next OB appointment. We were hoping for an appointment on the 8th, since that's Matt's birthday, but we'll take what we can get. Now to hope that Super Car wants to cooperate!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Gender Prediction: Heart Rate


As the old wives' tale goes, if the baby's heart rate is over 140 the baby is a girl, but if it is under 140 the baby is a boy. Pshhhh.

Bennett's heart rate was never under 140. Most of the time it was in the 160's, so I do not believe this fable one little bit. Fool me once, shame on you...

But, to stay true to our little experiment here, I'll pretend that I believe it. After all, it is what the tale says. All this to say that this baby's heart rate has been in the 170-160 range for the 3 times that I have heard it. Which gives this point to the girl tally!

So, at the end of week 4, with 3 weeks to go, the score is:

BOY: 3


Friday, April 6, 2012

13 Weeks (&4 days)- 2nd Trimester!


Pregnancy: 13 weeks, 4 days
Due Date: October 8th, 2012

Weight Gain: -3.5 pounds. I don't actually use my scale at home, so I won't have an update until next week.

Sleep: I've been sleeping better this week. Still very tired, but I'm not waking up as much as I was. I'm actually feeling rested when I wake up in the morning. Woohoo!

Gender: Hopefully finding out in May.

Feeling: I've only had a few days this week where I wasn't feeling the best. I'm definitely starting to feel better. I even managed to get some serious housework done this week & cook supper. Big week.

Movement: I've felt something, but I'm not convinced enough to say it was the baby yet. 

Belly: I have no pictures. Still. I will say that when I took Bennett to his 2 yr appointment at the pediatrician/(not my) OB-GYN's office, they asked if I was here for him or for me. So, I guess that means you can tell I'm pregnant. Or they thought that I was bringing my 2-yr-old to my gynecology appointment. I'm choosing to go with the former.

Next Appointment: OB: Next Tuesday! Ultrasound: Hopefully in early May!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Eggs & Happy Birthday, Mom!

Easter is one of my favorite times of year. I love the spring with all the flowers blooming and everything coming back to life after the winter, but the real reason Easter is my favorite is because it's when we make a point to remember the death, burial & resurrection of Jesus. 

We did a small Easter basket for Bennett last year, but I don't think we put much in it. Actually, there's not a whole lot going in his basket this year either. I mean, the kid's birthday was like 2 weeks ago. He's got plenty of new things to keep his attention at the moment. 

I've been meaning to decorate our house for spring, but lets be honest, with my lack of energy, the basics are barely getting done around our house. We're lucky to have clean underwear at the moment. Which we do, in case you were worried. Annnnyway.... week 13 brought energy with it when it arrived on Monday, so I'm soaking it in and trying to get things done. Like decorate eggs.

Bennett was excited about dying eggs. The first thing he did when we got to the table was dump the pretty teal dye all over the table. After that we decided it was best if he picked the colors and we would put the eggs in the dye. He got to put stickers on them after they had dried &he was all over that.

Matt & Bennett ate a couple of the eggs & we put a few more in the fridge, but the rest are sitting nicely in some Easter grass in my cake stand on the table. Ahhh, finally an Easter decoration. I asked Bennett once what the eggs were doing in the cake stand so now he keeps asking me "What eggs doing, Mommy? Hanging out in grass?" So cute. 

Also, please notice how fancily we are dressed. Matt's partially dressed for work & Bennett's in his pajama top with no pants. That's how we do it at home. Though not pictured, I am fully dressed, thankyouverymuch.

Also, today is my wonderful mom's birthday. I won't say which birthday because she wouldn't appreciate that & well, it is her birthday. I'm so grateful to have a mother who I am good friends with. She is kind, generous & loving. I'm so glad that God gave me her as a mother to learn from. I love you, Mom!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Gender Prediction: Wedding Ring + String

This week's gender predictor is the classic "Wedding ring on a string". The "instructions" are to put a wedding ring or a needle on a string, thread or hair and hold it steady over a pregnant woman's belly. If the item moves in a circle, the prediction is that the baby is a girl. If the item moves in a line, the prediction is that the baby is a boy.

You can't see my hand in this video, so you'll have to trust me that I was not moving it in any particular way. Before I held it over my belly, I tried it out just standing up to see what it would do. When I held the string in my left hand it moved in a line, but when I held it in my right hand it moved in a circle.

Without further ado:

So, that makes the score after week 3:

BOY: 3

With only 4 weeks left (hopefully) until we find out the gender with an ultrasound (you know, a fairly reliable source) it looks like it might be tough for "girl" to catch up. We shall see!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bennett's Birthday Party- Photo Dump

This post is way overdue! We no longer have internet at home, so any of my blogging has to happen through my phone or when I am someplace with free wireless. No excuses, I should've posed this forever ago.

Bennett's birthday party was on the 24th. I was super tempted to throw him a birthday party with friends this year, but we decided to put that off for at least another year. We decorated in a construction theme and he loved it!

I was super impressed at how he played with all of his presents by the end of the day. He also enjoyed his cake a lot more than last year, when he barely touched it.

Enjoy the pictures!