Sunday, May 13, 2012

Baby Silas is the size of an Herloom Tomato this week!
At our ultrasound last week, he was estimated to weigh about 9 oz.

Pregnancy: 19 weeks

Due Date: October 8th, 2012

Weight Gain: -+1 lbs. I've finally gained weight since my first appointment!
Sleep: Naps are my friend! I've taken several this past week. I'm having crazy dreams, most of which are a bit scary. Sometimes I have a hard time getting back to sleep afterwards.

Gender: Boy, boy, boy!

Feeling: Pretty good. I've been having muscle spasms in my belly lately, so that's been fun...or something.

Movement: Feeling some kicks. It was so surreal to see Silas' feet kicking during the ultrasound & to feel it at the same time!

Belly: Growing, growing, growing!

Next Appointment:  Tuesday, June 5th for my OB appointment. Unless there is an issue, I won't have another ultrasound.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

It's a....

Guess most of those Old Wives Tales were right, huh?

Our appointment went perfectly! I was 18 weeks & 2 days, but he measured 18 weeks & 4 days. Well, all except for his arms & legs, which measured at 19 weeks. He is laying the opposite way that Bennett was, so his head is on my right side & legs on the left. I think his ultrasound pictures look a lot like Bennett, but his face is a bit longer.

We spent some time shopping for Baby Boy #2 after our appointment, but didn't find much. I need to go through Bennett's clothes and see what we can use since their birthdays will be 6 month apart. We ended up getting yarn for his blanket, some flannel pjs that match a pair that Bennett has and then coordinating tank tops for the boys for next year. 

Oh, and? We've named him! Bennett remained "Baby Linser" until he was born. We had narrowed the choices down to 2 names, but wanted to wait until we met him to decide for sure which one we would use. This time, we had one name that we both really liked and agreed on. So, we decided to just name him now. I think it will be good for Bennett to know the name beforehand also. 

Sooo...officially announcing:

Silas is a Biblical name, so we like it for that reason & Robert is my grandpa's middle name. We've already started retraining Bennett that the baby is not a girl, but instead is "Baby Silas". He's already got it down. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tomorrow! (&one more gender prediction)

I skipped last week's gender prediction post...whoops! We don't have internet at home anymore, so that makes it hard to blog. I mean, blogging from my phone isn't fun. I'm doing that today, so forgive any mistakes!

Tomorrow is our big ultrasound! I've had two dreams this week that the baby is a girl. In each of these dreams, someone else has told me this after the baby was born. I keep dreaming that I don't remember anything about labor/delivery from the first contraction to hours after delivery. It's awful! I would hate to not remember meeting my child!

Alright, so my last gender predictor is going to be our intuition. I don't think that either Matt or I have a strong feeling one way or another, but we both would guess that the baby is a girl. I thought Bennett was a girl, but for different reasons. Matt thought Bennett was a boy the whole time.

Here's why I think the baby is a girl:

1. I've been sicker than I was with Bennett. Not terribly sick, but definitely sicker.
2. I feel like I'm getting w i d e. I've heard a lot of people say wider=girl & straight out=boy.
3. Bennett is adamant that it is a girl. He's never said it was a boy. Not once.
4. Sweets. I like 'em. A lot.
5. I've broken out all over my face &back over &over. Girls steal your beauty, you know.
6. We've agreed hon a boy name, but aren't even in the same ball park on a girl's name. We had the opposite issue while pregnant with Bennett.

Of course, it's entirely possible that we could be wrong &little Super Car could be a boy. If you'd asked me at the beginning of this pregnancy what gender I wanted, I would've quickly said "girl!" &then something about being happy either way. But now? I really will be happy either way. Yes, we would love a girl. Bennett would be an awesome big brother for a girl. He's so compassionate &gentle. We've always said if we could pick our children's birth order, it would be boy, girl, boy, boy. Those last few kids are hypothetical, of course.
I really will be excited if the ultrasound shows a little boy in there, though. I LOVE the boys name we have picked out &the little boy we already have is awesome. I totally think I could handle 2 boys just as easily as one of each. Especially if they're as awesome as Bennett is.

My appointment is at 11:00 tomorrow morning. We're hoping to fill the rest of the afternoon shopping for the yarn for the baby's blanket that I'll knit (Bennett sleeps with his every night) &an outfit or two. We'll get together with our families tomorrow night to celebrate Matt's birthday (which is today...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HUSBAND!) &share what we find out. I'll let you all know after that! Pray with us that baby cooperates &has all it's correct parts functioning in all the correct places!

Feel free to comment with your guess! Boy or girl?!