Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cousin Bloopers

A few weeks after Silas was born, Matt's sister, Sarah, and her husband, Jake, had a baby as well. It was so much fun being pregnant at the same time as Sarah & we are so enjoying having babies the same age! We've been trying to get a good picture of Bennett, Silas & Naomi since the babies were born in October, but haven't had much luck. Apparently, it's a tad bit difficult getting 3 children to look in the same direction and have a somewhat pleasant look on their face at the same time. Who knew?

Last week, we had plans to go to Jake & Sarah's house for the afternoon and last minute decided to try to get a picture of the cousins. I grabbed about half of the boys closet so that we could attempt to coordinate with what Naomi was wearing & we headed over.

Normally, Jake is the pro with the camera, but Matt & Jake had to meet some friends for a "quick" round of disc golf, so Sarah got out the camera and we set out to make these babes smile. I'm sure the neighbors were laughing as Sarah & I made every crazy noise we could think of to get (& keep) the kids' attention.

I'm relieved to say that we were successful at getting some pretty cute pictures, but I couldn't resist sharing some of the "bloopers" from our impromptu photo session.