Thursday, May 10, 2012

It's a....

Guess most of those Old Wives Tales were right, huh?

Our appointment went perfectly! I was 18 weeks & 2 days, but he measured 18 weeks & 4 days. Well, all except for his arms & legs, which measured at 19 weeks. He is laying the opposite way that Bennett was, so his head is on my right side & legs on the left. I think his ultrasound pictures look a lot like Bennett, but his face is a bit longer.

We spent some time shopping for Baby Boy #2 after our appointment, but didn't find much. I need to go through Bennett's clothes and see what we can use since their birthdays will be 6 month apart. We ended up getting yarn for his blanket, some flannel pjs that match a pair that Bennett has and then coordinating tank tops for the boys for next year. 

Oh, and? We've named him! Bennett remained "Baby Linser" until he was born. We had narrowed the choices down to 2 names, but wanted to wait until we met him to decide for sure which one we would use. This time, we had one name that we both really liked and agreed on. So, we decided to just name him now. I think it will be good for Bennett to know the name beforehand also. 

Sooo...officially announcing:

Silas is a Biblical name, so we like it for that reason & Robert is my grandpa's middle name. We've already started retraining Bennett that the baby is not a girl, but instead is "Baby Silas". He's already got it down. 


  1. Congratulations! I love the name Silas Robert! Very Cute! And Bennett and Silas sound like brothers :)

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  3. Yay, congrats! Ditto the last comment, the names do sound like brothers!