Wednesday, July 11, 2012

27 Weeks (&2 days)

Pregnancy: 27 weeks, 2 days


Due Date: October 8th, 2012

Weight Gain: +13lbs! I'm finally gaining weight & I'm definitely okay with how much I've gained. I'm pretty sure I'd gained a lot more by this point with Bennett.
Sleep: Well, since switching Bennett to a twin bed a few months ago, sleep has been rough. At first it was because we'd changed rooms as well & are now on a different level of our house. Then Bennett's monster nightmares started. Every night at 3:30. Someone (Matt) had to go sleep in his bed for the rest of the night or he panicked. Last Friday, I took an idea that I'd seen on another blog, and changed our bathroom air freshener spray into "monster go-away spray". We spray it in Bennett's room before he goes to sleep every night & he's slept all night since! So, sleep has been good since Friday. I do periodically take 10-20 minute naps during the day or I won't make it through.

Gender: Boy

Feeling: Ehhh...I've been having a lot of round ligament and back pain in the last week or so. I don't remember having them this badly with Bennett, but I guess my muscles were probably a bit stronger before I had him, too. It's not too bad if I can avoid getting on the floor and back up multiple times a day, but really? It's not easy to avoid that with a 2-yr-old. I did give in and take some Tylenol the other night and it helped.

Movement: Lots and lots of movement. Especially when I eat certain foods. With Bennett, I ate lots of spicy foods (& sauerkraut) & Bennett LOVES those foods now. This time, I'm craving lots of sweets &that's what Silas reacts most too. It will be interesting to see if he has a giant sweet tooth.

Belly: At my 26 week appointment, I was measuring 28cm. My OB said that was normal, but yeah, it's growing.

Next Appointment: I just realized that I forgot to write it down when I left the OB's office last time! Well, I know that it's at 30 weeks &it's on a Friday. I guess I'll have to call them, haha!


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