Sunday, May 29, 2011

Daddy's Boy

Bennett loves his daddy. When he was a newborn, Matt was pretty much the only one who could get him to sleep. Well, he would fall asleep if I nursed him, but other than that...Matt was basically it. He had a certain way of holding Bennett and rock/bouncing him until he fell asleep that no one else could mimic. This was incredibly a little bit frustrating for me at times.

4-month-old Bennett snuggling in with Daddy to go to sleep at a family picnic.
Bennett has always liked being with Matt, but until recently, he hadn't shown much preference between Matt and I. I mean, unless it was time to eat...then he wanted me. We've been done breastfeeding for 2 months now and suddenly, he wants his daddy all. the. time.

I've been going to a Bible study at our church on Tuesday mornings when Matt is home from work. This past week, I gave both of my boys a kiss as I was getting ready to leave. When I told Bennett "bye-bye" his eyes got huge and he quickly looked at Matt as if to say, "Really, Daddy? Just you and me?!" Matt said, "Yep, it's that one day a week where the morning is just you & me, Bud." and Bennett immediately started dancing.

One morning recently, Matt let me sleep in (because he's wonderful like that). He got Bennett dressed and they headed out to pick some things up from WalMart. It was only after they returned that I discovered Bennett dressed in a flannel shirt only halfway buttoned, khaki pants that were a size too big and no socks or shoes. But does he look like he could be any happier? Nope, he got to spend time with his dad.

I love all the attention that Matt's been getting from Bennett lately, don't get me wrong. It's just so heartbreaking when Matt has to leave and Bennett is so upset. Matt has to work most weekends so we're all looking forward to Memorial Day tomorrow equaling a whole day with Daddy!

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