Saturday, September 22, 2012

37 weeks & 5 days!

Due Date: October 8th, 2012

Weight Gain: +39 lbs- I only gained 1lb last week! My appointment this week was in Clive and I normally go to the Ankeny office. The Clive scale weighs heavier than the Ankeny scale, so it's possible that I didn't gain anything this week. That's perfectly fine. I'm still at about what I gained with Bennett.

Sleep:  Sleep has been a little better this past week than it was last week. I'm still not sleeping much, but more than I was.

Gender: Boy

Feeling:  Pretty good. I'm starting to get a lot more pressure and I hate the waiting game, but overall I'm doing well. Even though I have things around here pretty much ready and even have my hospital bags packed, I don't think it's hit me that we will have this baby in the next few weeks. I still think it's months away!

Movement: He's slowing down a bit. I'm sure he's running out of room in there! I need to remember to ask my OB this week if she thinks he'll be big like Bennett (he was 8lb, 13oz & 21.5"). I'm not scared of a big baby, just curious.

Belly: I think I got some new stretch marks this week. I have plenty from Bennett, but I have a few that are bright red, so I'm thinking they're a gift from Silas. Not like I was planning on wearing a bikini anyway...

Next Appointment: Tuesday!

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