Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Things We Do for Laughs

Poor Bennett's got The Pox...of the chicken variety. I wanted to get a few pictures of them to post, but apparently getting chicken pox means that you have to jump up &down &run around like crazy because that's all he's done all day!

He did get the Varicella vaccine, but that doesn't guarantee immunity to The Pox (calling it "The Pox" makes it seem a whole lot more fun, dontcha think? Or maybe it makes me more annoying...either way, I'm enjoying it), but should help it to be less severe. So far, Bennett's not itchy, so hopefully that continues to be the case!

Anyway, he got a nice lukewarm bath tonight and then Matt spent quite a lot of energy making Bennett laugh.

Forewarning: there is a naked baby tushy in this video. Also, yes, that is my messy, messy bedroom in the background. I wish I could say it's abnormally messy, but that just isn't the case. Judge if you must...I'm lucky to have a husband who loves me for reasons other than my housekeeping skills!

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