Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Jail Break

Bennett &I haven't left our house in 2 days. We came home from church on Sunday morning, and we haven't left since. I mean, I've stepped outside three times, I think. Twice to take out the trash &once to help a friend carry some things to her car. Bennett- not at all.

I'd like to leave, but I honestly have no reason to go anywhere...&I won't until Friday morning. We drove to Altoona or Des Moines every day last week but Thursday, so my gas tank is glad to be sitting cozily in the garage for a few days. My bank account is thankful, too.

At lunch on Monday, I found a face in Bennett's Spaghettio's. A face. &I took a picture of it. It was exciting. I mean, I was excited to find a face in Spaghettio's. I think I need to get out of this house, &quick. If you see the face, you may need to get out as well. Please take me with you.

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