Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! My birthday was last week, so Matt & I don't normally do much for valentine's day. Too much celebrating or something like that. I got him a card, but that's probably the extent of the celebration for us. We did get Bennett a present- a couple of cute cups from Target. He opened them and was so excited to drink from them!

Last night, Bennett colored on some pink & red cardstock &I used my new Cricut machine (birthday present- thanks Mom & Dad!) to cut out hearts and make valentines for his friends around town. I love watching him color! He'll draw a line, then exclaim "tractor!" or "circle!" or something else that he thinks he's drawing. It's adorable.

I cut some extra hearts out for Bennett to decorate and put up around the house today. The only color he would use was black. I kept handing him other colors and he'd just set them down and pick up the black crayon, so our Valentine's decorations are super pretty...

Matt's working tonight, so Bennett & I are celebrating with my parents. I hope you enjoy your Valentine's Day & get to do something with someone you love! 

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