Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Gender Prediction: Chinese Gender Chart

This gender predictor isn't nearly as entertaining as the post last week, what with all the urine and science and such (sorry to those of you who were looking forward to another exciting installment...), but I've gotta spread them out, ya know?

I looked at the Chinese Gender Chart when I was pregnant with Bennett and it said that he should be a girl, which was obviously wrong. The website I found it on claims that it is supposed to be 90% accurate in determining a baby's gender based on the age the mother was at conception and the month the baby was conceived in. This is the website I'm using if you're curious or want to see if it was right for your kids.

First, you have to determine your lunar age. Mine is 25. Then you have to calculate the lunar month of conception. Our conception month was January. I used the site below to calculate the lunar month and apparently it was the 12th month on the lunar calendar, so December.
Chinese Gender Chart to Determine Your Baby's Gender » Baby Gender Prediction

SO, after all that, I referenced the chart that can be found at the link below and it tells me that I'm supposed to be having a boy. While I'm tempted to score it opposite since it was wrong with Bennett, that wouldn't be fair to the experiment (or something like that), sooooo, boy it is.

That makes our score after week 2:

BOY: 2


  1. Old wives' tales are fun, but at the end of the day, ultrasound scan is the most accurate one!

    1. Of course! This is just for fun. :)

    2. Of course! This is just for fun. :)