Monday, July 18, 2011

Back in January I saw this tutorial and decided that I needed to try it in Bennett's room. We used a lot of fabric to decorate for his birthday party and at the time I bought extra so that I could make these frames. Recently, I finally got around to making them and putting them up. Unfortunately, it only kind of worked out. I did take some pictures of each step as I was making them, but the tutorial over at How About Orange is so much better than mine would have been, so if you'd like to try it, use hers.

Here's how I think mine would've worked better.

  • If I'd had a rotary cutter.
  • If I'd done it at my table and not on my ottoman while watching Friends.
  • If I'd sprayed the frames a little more with the Stiffen Stuff.
  • If the walls in Bennett's room were flat.
After I ironed the frames to the walls (yep, ironed to the wall), some of them didn't want to stick. Also, there are a lot of bumps on his wall, so I don't think this helped much. It kind of scuffed up the wall a little bit where there were bumps, but a little paint will fix that. Any of the frames that are low enough for Bennett to touch are already off the wall.

The plus side? He loves them! He really likes to look at pictures of his family and now he can see them when he wakes up or if he's having a hard time going to sleep. Also? No heavy frames that could fall and hit him.

Bottom line? There's a right way & a wrong way to do this project. Mine being the wrong way, How About Orange's being the right way!

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  1. I LOVE the how about orange blog. I saw this tutorial and I thought it was cute... I'll have to try it sometime!