Friday, July 1, 2011

Anniversary Dinner

So, thinking back over our past anniversaries I have fond memories of nights spent away and dinners eaten out. Matt & I kind of celebrated our anniversary last weekend by getting away for the wedding, so on our actual anniversary last night we decided to just stay in and have a nice dinner with Bennett.

I made a roast, carrots, potatoes and biscuits. I even lit a candle. It was magical. Until the dog puked under the table. Oh yeah, that's right. While I was making supper, somehow Bennett & Elliot (the dog) found a tube of Desitin and decided that it would make a tasty appetizer. So I called poison control who assured me that if Bennett wasn't gagging or choking that he would be just fine (phew!) and continued with our supper plans. We were enjoying our meal when we heard that horrid sound of a dog vomiting. Mmmm, pass some more roast beef, please. Matt cleaned the carpet up and almost lost his supper as well. Sorry so graphic, but seriously? This was my night. We tried to go on with our meal, but the majority of our time at the table was spent dealing with an incredibly goofy toddler. I have an awesome video, but I've been trying all day to get it to upload to anything and it won't for some reason. But here's a picture of what Bennett looked like afterwards.

He's so attractive.

After dinner Matt gave Bennett a bath (for obvious reasons) and while Bennett was naked, waiting for Matt to start the water, he peed all over the bathroom rug. It was hysterical. He had no idea what was happening and had the funniest look on his face! When he was finished he ran to Matt like something was going to attack him. It was so funny!

After I finished the dishes (&threw in a load of laundry containing a certain bathroom rug) we decided to run to Walmart for a few things (yarn & shampoo). Bennett went to bed shortly after we got home and we spent the rest of the evening knitting (me), playing Sega Genesis (mostly Matt & a little bit me) and watching Friends (both of us). Super exciting.

I feel like it would be a little bit easy for me to be disappointed with the way our anniversary turned out, but you know what? I'm not. I think it was just perfect spending the evening enjoying the life that we have been blessed with and built over the last five years. I think that years from now, when I'm thinking back over our anniversaries, I will have fond memories of #5. It was much more memorable than any dinner out, anyway.

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