Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ah, Fall!

Okay, it's not quite fall yet, but ahhhh the weather is finally here! I love this weather where you can wear jeans & a sweater, but no coat. I can't wait to break out all of Bennett's fall clothes and see what fits him.

Matt was off work yesterday &the three of us spent some time at the park close to our house. We haven't been to the park in a while because it's been so stinking hot lately! Apparently, Bennett's advanced a lot since the last time we were at the park, because this time he could climb on the equipment & go down the slide by himself! It was pretty nice that we didn't have to climb up on the equipment with him. We still did, of course. I mean, he is our only child...we're still pretty over-protective.

I like to buy as many of Bennett's clothes as I can at the end of each season when I can get them for just a few dollars. When I was buying fall/winter clothes this past spring, I bought sizes 18-24 months & 2T, thinking that Bennett would be that size. Eventually he will be, hopefully before next spring, but he is not that size right now. I think quite a bit of his clothing from last year will still fit (amazingly), but he didn't have any jeans that fit. His 6-12 month jeans from last year still fit around his waist just fine, but are definitely too short. The adorable jeans I bought for him this year are just too big. I've adjusted them as small as I can (loving adjustable waists!), and they'll probably be okay, but I've been spending a lot of time pulling them up. No sagging in this house.

There's a consignment shop in town that I've heard good things about, but until yesterday hadn't had any luck with myself. I popped in there yesterday & woohoo! I found Bennett some great jeans (12-18 month...pictured above) that acutally fit him! They are in perfect condition &from Baby Gap. The store had them paired with a long sleeve tee that was a size bigger than the jeans (strange) & it was $6.50 for the pair. He didn't really need the shirt, although he'll wear it, but as far as I'm concerned, I paid $3.25 for a pair of perfect Baby Gap jeans. Score! I'll definitely be checking back there as I figure out what else Bennett needs.

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