Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy, Happy {half} Birthday to YOU!

Today is Bennett's half birthday! Growing up, I always thought it was neat thinking that I was halfway to the next age. I used to give my friends a hard time when they would forget my half birthday. Jokingly. I mean I really don't seriously expect people to celebrate my half birthday. It's August 10th, by the way...and none of you remembered.

Now that we have a child, I think we're going to celebrate half birthdays in this family. I'm not going to go overboard or anything. I mean, no decorations or gifts, but I definitely think we can have cake. We didn't do that last year when Bennett was six months, obviously, but we're starting today.

We have our small group from church at our house tonight, so Bennett helped me make some cupcakes to have as a snack. He loves to help with anything, so he was pretty excited to help his mama mix up treats. &yes, we used a boxed mix (look away, my cupcake snob friends).

Bennett was too excited to start helping to be bothered with smiling for the camera.

The lighting in our house is basically nonexistent.

It's so hard to wait for them to bake!

He was so excited &proud of what he made that we let him have half of one early. Oh, and he just got out of the bath, so his hair is wet.

I frosted the cupcakes during Bennett's nap. I figured he had already taken one bath today. We really didn't need frosting in our hair. Maybe next year he can help with this part. He'll be so excited to share them with his friends tonight!

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