Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Said What?! Wednesday

Here are some things that I couldn't believe I said this week:

"I just want to poop alone!"

Bennett got a Tow Mater sticker from the Dr.'s office & was trying to talk to it.
Matt: "He can't hear you, Bennett. He's a sticker. Stickers aren't like you and me. They can't hear."

Apparently, we didn't say too many rediculous things this week! Although, at this exact moment, Matt is talking to Bennett like Elmo. I think that counts. Here's an picture to make up for the lack of craziness. It's a picture of Bennett eating a "burger". He just looks so big here!

*Sorry if this shows up in your Google Reader again. I guess I didn't read it before I posted it and there were just too many errors for me to leave it alone!

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