Monday, December 26, 2011

21 Months!

I think each new stage Bennett is in is my favorite. He's just so much fun right now! He loves to play with cars and will do so, independently, for quite a while. We've seen the movie "Cars" a million trillion times and he likes to reenact his favorite scenes with his play cars.

Bennett Likes:
Cars, cars, cars
Watching movies
Fruit snacks
Seeing family

Bennett Dislikes:
Only getting one cookie (we've had multiple fits over this)

Struggles This Month:

Triumphs This Month:
An ever-expanding vocab

It's officially after Christmas, which meansssss... I get to start planning Bennett's birthday party. It's only 3 months away, you know. Seriously, I already have a Follow Me on Pinterest board dedicated to the event. We won't have a big party, but it's still fun to plan!


  1. Seriously. I almost feel sorry for him, you know, thinking about the graduation and wedding this picture will most definitely be apart of.