Friday, December 9, 2011


We've slowly been gathering all the necessities for playing in the snow this year. You know, a warm coat, snow pants, boots, etc. & it finally snowed enough to play a little! Bennett was too little to play last year, so I've been so excited for there to be enough snow for him to go out!

Immediately after breakfast this morning, the three four (I guess I'll include the dog) of us headed out to the beautiful white stuff (I say this now. Ask me again in February & I'll have another word to describe the snow, I'm sure.). 

He LOVED it! He kept hitting the snow like he was trying to brush it off the ground, telling us that he was "helping". He's been trying to convince me to take him back out all day. When we went to the store earlier, he headed around the back of the house instead of to the garage & was quite sad when I made him get in the van.

As you can see, there wan't too much snow. I can't wait until we really get a storm so we can really play!

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