Monday, December 26, 2011


I really should've been posting about each of these as they happened, because we celebrated Christmas with 6 different families this year!

We started by having a baking day at my parent's house. My mom and I made what felt like so many goodies, but they were gone pretty quickly as we filled tins to take to our neighbors. Bennett got to help my mom cut my dad's hair that day too. He loves helping with anything he can!

Then, we got together with my dad's extended family. I forgot to take any pictures, but we had a really great time! Bennett got some neat presents including a couple of "diggers", a book about the Little Drummer Boy, stacking toys, &a sock monkey that my grandma made for him!

The next weekend we went to my mom's parent's house to celebrate Christmas with that family. My cousin has a daughter who is just about a month younger than Bennett & it was so much fun watching them play together this year!

Some ladies at our church had a cookie exchange and I made 13 DOZEN cookies! It was quite messy!

On Christmas Eve we spent some time with Matt's mom's extended family before we headed to our church for a short Christmas Eve service. Then it was time for Christmas with Matt's family. When we go to their house, Bennett immediately heads for the toy cupboard to play with the little cars, some of which were Matt's when he was little. The only way we pried him away from the old cars was to tell him that Grandma had got him new cars. The first present Bennett opened was full of clothes. He threw each article out of the box, over his shoulder. When he got to the bottom of the box and saw there were no cars, he put his hands in the air and said, "Where are the CARS?!" and walked back to the old cars. It was hysterical! We finally convinced him to open the package that had the cars in it, but that was about the extent of him opening presents. I had to open the rest for him!

We went to church on Sunday morning and then to my parent's to celebrate with my family. My mom crocheted Bennett a monster hat that he wore the whole time we were at their house! He also got a Melissa & Doug brand semi truck with a car trailer which he calls "Matt". I think he means "Mack" from "Cars", but he also knows his daddy's name is Matt, so who knows?

We let Bennett open his presents from us Sunday morning, but we had to leave for church pretty much as soon as we were done opening. When we got home from my parents, Bennett was so excited to finally be able to play with his new toys! We got an awesome (free) hand-me-down kitchen set that he loves! He really loves peanut butter &honey toast/sandwiches &he found the play honey, peanut butter & bread &was pretending to make some toast. It was so cute!

Well, as you can see, we had an awesome Christmas! I hope you all enjoyed time with family and celebrated the birth of Christ!

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