Saturday, December 31, 2011

Waterpark Getaway

I was on Facebook on Wednesday night & I saw that some friends of ours had taken their kids to the Wasserbahn Waterpark & Resort in the Amana Colonies for the night. Matt & I have been wanting to take Bennett there sometime this winter, so our friends decided to stay another night & we headed to the hotel on Thursday.
I was so excited! I knew Bennett was going to have so much fun! He's too young to experience the anticipation, but I think I took care of that for him. 
We got to the hotel right at check-in time, so there was a massive line at the front desk. Matt took Bennett to look at the pool while I waited to check us in & that's when Bennett's excitement hit. Unfortunately, it took us     f o r e v e r  to check in, so Bennett wasn't too happy. He couldn't understand why we couldn't just go get in the pool.
Once we got to our room, he immediately opened the door and ran down the hall trying to get to the pool. He can't open any doors at our house yet, so we were surprised! Once we corralled him back in the room and let him choose which of his suits he wanted to wear (he picked the "onge" one) it was time to head down to the pool.

We swam for an hour or so and then went to get some supper at the Maid Rite across the parking lot. After supper, it was time for...more swimming! Bennett spent a lot of time jumping off the edge, letting Matt catch him. Well, really there was no jumping involved. It was more like walking off the edge, but he was still having a blast.
We had some snacks in the hotel room when we were done swimming and then it was time to try to sleep. History with Bennett would tell us that he does not like to sleep in hotel rooms. There is generally lots of screaming involved. Our room had two queen sized beds, so Matt took one and Bennett & I took the other. I tried to put him in his pack-n-play, but after a lot of crying and a promise that he would go to sleep in mama's bed, we ended up snuggling for the night. 
At first, I was loving it. I don't remember the last time Bennett snuggled up and went to sleep like that! But then my arm went numb. &I couldn't move. I think it took me 5 tries to get my arm free and I still woke him up! The rest of the night was spent half awake trying to make sure Bennett didn't fall off the bed. I'd pushed the pack-n-play up against the side of the bed to act as a make-shift guard rail and put some pillows on the floor where the pack-n-play didn't cover. I finally fell asleep only to be awakened to a thump and cries. I think he must have fallen feet-first onto the pillows on the floor because he didn't cry much at all &went right back to sleep. Me? Not so much. I half-slept the rest of the night.
Oh! Also- Matt & Bennett invented what might be the most fun hotel-only game ever

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