Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wedding Weekend

We had such a great time at the wedding this past weekend! We just got back Monday night & I'm a day off now. The wedding was on Sunday & I think that's what threw me off. Anyway, it was really good to see some friends that I don't get to see very often. 
(Left to right, top then bottom) 1. Kristin, Anna (&baby), Me & Sarah after the wedding 2. Anna (& baby), Kristin, Me, Kevin & Sarah 3.The whole group- Anna&Brandon, Kristin, Matt&Me, The new Mr.&Mrs., Sarah&Justin, Trevor&Kim 4. The obligatory goofy picture

The wedding was at the chapel of the college that I went to for a semester and Matt went to for a year. It's called the "Marble Chapel" and it's beautiful. The college buildings used to belong to a monastery, so it has gorgeous stained glass windows & confessionals in the back, which are used for storage now since it is not a Catholic school.

1. Trevor & Kim on the trolley 2. Kristin & I 3. Matt & I outside of the reception hall 4. Kim ouside of the reception hall 5. Matt & I on the trolley 6. Gobs of kids blowing bubbles while Kevin & Anna danced
The reception was about 25 minutes away in Galena, IL. The hall was up a huge hill (there were about a million stairs to get you up the hill) that didn't have much parking, so they rented a trolly to take us from the post office in Galena to Turner Hall for the reception. Anna & Kevin are so cute & obviously in love. They started singing together before they started dating and sound really great! Towards the end of their reception, they treated us with a few songs. I took some video, but for some reason neither Youtube or Blogger will upload it. I guess you'll just have trust that they are super cute.

We stayed at a hotel in Dubuque, so we went back there after the reception. Trevor & Kim stayed at the same hotel that we did, so Monday morning we had breakfast together and went for a swim in the hotel pool. It was fun to actually get in the hot tub and deep end. The last time that Matt & I stayed at a hotel together, I had just found out I was pregnant with Bennett, so I couldn't get in the hot tub. After all that, we met up with Anna & Brandon back in Galena. We walked around all the cute shops and had lunch at Vinny Vanucchi's Little Italy. We were really confused about how to even get into the restaurant and it was like 3 levels. We were the only people on our floor. The waitress kept running up the stairs carrying our food and drinks. She was crazy.

1. Matt with a door mat he found in a shop 2. Bacon toothpaste & Baconnaise...just a small sampling of the bacon items a lot of the stores were selling 3. We definitely ate all of this popcorn on the drive home. YUM! &check out that sky! 4. Matt outside of the Galena Canning Company after he'd tried a bunch of hot sauces.

1. The building in the way back is the restaurant where we ate lunch 2. Decor at the restaurant 3. Matt with his "sangwich" 4. More decor 5. My raviolis (yum!) 6. Matt & I at the restaurant 7. An awful picture of me that Matt took 8. Group pic at the restaurant 8. Duplicate pic, sorry

Bennett stayed with Matt's parents while we were gone and he had a great time also. He was really tired when we picked him up though. He went to bed at 8 that night and slept until 11 the next morning! I wonder why (haha!)?

Someone loves to swim. A lot.


  1. Great post! How did you do your collages?

  2. Thanks! I did them on Picasa. I think you can download it free if you don't have it.