Saturday, October 1, 2011


Bennett is definitely a "feeler". I don't really mean that he's sensitive about his feelings necessarily, probably about as much as anyone is, but that he's super sensitive to others feelings. Even when he was six or seven months old, he would cry and cry when the little girl I babysat would cry. If she was crying in the crib while she was trying to go to sleep, he would crawl to his room and knock on the door to try to get to her. I'm sure this probably isn't a whole lot different than a lot of kids, but it warms my heart to see my little boy caring so much about others.

*Yes, please notice our tin foil on our antenna. You would do it too if you didn't have cable/dish and only sporadically got major networks (&even then not all of them. ABC? What's that?)

Tonight, he was shuffling through our stack of movies when he brought me Madagascar 2. We've "watched" this movie before (you know, as much as an 18-month-old watches a movie) &I knew that Bennett really loved the music in it. We hadn't watched much TV today, so I put the DVD on and helped Bennett get settled in his chair. I had some things to do, so I left him and went to the other room. Pretty soon, I hear him crying freaking out like he'd been hurt or something. I came back in the living room to find him pointing to the empty zoo exhibit with people crying and mourning the loss of their zoo animals who were missing on the screen. I reassured him that everything was going to be okay and left the room again. Soon, I hear him crying again and he comes running into the bedroom. We returned to the living room in time to see the baby lion floating in a box in the ocean after being separated from his dad. About this time I decided that the movie was (apparently) too scary for Bennett and we just turned on the music videos.

I had no idea that at 18-months-old, Bennett could understand so much about a movie! I know a certain 7-year-old sister-in-law of mine reacts the same way to the scary parts of Disney movies. Okay, okay...maybe I react the same way, too. There is a reason that Dumbo & Bambi aren't allowed in this house.

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