Monday, October 17, 2011

Gifts from England

Recently, Matt's dad took a business trip to England &he brought Bennett back some cool gifts. Oh, he also brought Matt & I some Tiny Toblerone, but I already ate all of them didn't take a picture of those.

 Papa brought Bennett back a Peter Rabbit book and a cute little key chain guy.

Not that I should expect it to be any other way, I mean I'm sure this is entirely normal in Europe and incredibly strange that I've taken a picture of this, but I just love that the book has the price in Euros on the back.

Annnnnd that "favorite" is spelled "favourite"? It's my favorite.

Also, if you noticed the red spot on Bennett's forehead, it's because he fell down the stairs today. I was in the basement doing laundry and Matt was at the top of the stairs helping Bennett scoot down them. He was sitting on his bottom, but he dropped a car down the stairs and when he reached to grab it he just toppled down. Thankfully, Matt yelled and I caught him before he hit the concrete floor! It was probably the scariest moment of our parenthood so far. He's so stinking tough, though! He cried for maybe 3 minutes and then was his normal self. I did call the doctor's office to make sure that I didn't need to have him checked out and to find out what to watch for concussion-wise. He's just fine, thank God!

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