Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Bennett's favorite book is "Duck and Goose Find a Pumpkin" by Tad Hills. It's been his favorite for over a year now. We definitely have it memorized. He quotes half of it when we read it. In the book, Duck & Goose's friend, Thistle finds a pumpkin and they decide that they'd like to find one too. They look all over for a pumpkin, but can't find one until Thistle suggests that they check the pumpkin patch. It's really a cute book &one that I don't mind reading over&over&over&over. 

Today we went to the pumpkin patch to find ourselves a few pumpkins. On the way there Bennett & I quoted the book from memory and he was super excited when we got there to see the pumpkins!

We visited some more of what are probably Bennett's favorite animal, goats. We bought some goat food for them, but we had to help Bennett hold his hand flat to feed them. He kept trying to just give them the food and got bit a little. He wasn't too phased by it, though.

Bennett definitely yelled at that fake pig. It's his new thing.

He did not want to come off of that tractor. I think he would've stayed up there for hours if we would have let him. The picture where he is running by the pumpkins? He was trying to get back to the tractor. He kept yelling for it. "Tractorrrr! Tractorrr!"

Bennett loved the jumping pillow. He was beaming the whole time he was up there jumping with Matt.

Bennett stood in front of this sign for a picture for exactly one second. Hopefully he'll stand better next year. We have pictures of Matt & I in front of this sign from several years ago.

We went on a tractor ride to see all the pumpkins. Bennett really wanted to get up and walk around the trailer until we showed him the tractor that was pulling it. Then he just watched the tractor.

Bennett &I picked out pumpkins. We were going to get one for Matt, but we ran out of arms and it was getting close to nap time. We'll get him one from HyVee or someplace later. Bennett's pumpkin was so heavy that he fell over!

Our pumpkins were just over 17lbs together, so it was about $9 for both of them.

Bennett got to pick out a cookie from the snack area and promptly passed out after he ate it. Which, of course means that he's in his bed singing to himself for naptime.

We had such a great morning. I have to admit, I had to keep myself from tearing up while I was watching Matt &Bennett on the jumping pillow. I'm just so thankful for our little family. We'll have a painting/carving party soon to decorate our pumpkins. I can't wait to see Bennett's reaction to touching the pumpkin guts!

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