Thursday, April 19, 2012

Gender Prediction: Spoon or Fork?

This may be the most ridiculous gender predictor I've heard of.

I had Matt place a spoon beneath one pillow &a fork beneath another pillow on the couch. When he was done, I came in the room &sat on one of the pillows. If this pillow I sat on had a fork underneath, the prediction is boy. If it had a spoon, the prediction is girl.

We had to try to do this several times. As soon as Matt would set the pillows, Bennett would grab the spoon out from under one.

I sat on the pillow on the right &pulled out a fork! So, the prediction for Week 5 is BOY!

BOY: 4

It was interesting that since Bennett is still insistent that this baby is a girl &he kept grabbing the spoon from under the pillow. Not that it means anything...just interesting.

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