Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Eggs & Happy Birthday, Mom!

Easter is one of my favorite times of year. I love the spring with all the flowers blooming and everything coming back to life after the winter, but the real reason Easter is my favorite is because it's when we make a point to remember the death, burial & resurrection of Jesus. 

We did a small Easter basket for Bennett last year, but I don't think we put much in it. Actually, there's not a whole lot going in his basket this year either. I mean, the kid's birthday was like 2 weeks ago. He's got plenty of new things to keep his attention at the moment. 

I've been meaning to decorate our house for spring, but lets be honest, with my lack of energy, the basics are barely getting done around our house. We're lucky to have clean underwear at the moment. Which we do, in case you were worried. Annnnyway.... week 13 brought energy with it when it arrived on Monday, so I'm soaking it in and trying to get things done. Like decorate eggs.

Bennett was excited about dying eggs. The first thing he did when we got to the table was dump the pretty teal dye all over the table. After that we decided it was best if he picked the colors and we would put the eggs in the dye. He got to put stickers on them after they had dried &he was all over that.

Matt & Bennett ate a couple of the eggs & we put a few more in the fridge, but the rest are sitting nicely in some Easter grass in my cake stand on the table. Ahhh, finally an Easter decoration. I asked Bennett once what the eggs were doing in the cake stand so now he keeps asking me "What eggs doing, Mommy? Hanging out in grass?" So cute. 

Also, please notice how fancily we are dressed. Matt's partially dressed for work & Bennett's in his pajama top with no pants. That's how we do it at home. Though not pictured, I am fully dressed, thankyouverymuch.

Also, today is my wonderful mom's birthday. I won't say which birthday because she wouldn't appreciate that & well, it is her birthday. I'm so grateful to have a mother who I am good friends with. She is kind, generous & loving. I'm so glad that God gave me her as a mother to learn from. I love you, Mom!

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