Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Father's Day Project

***Warning! If you are Bennett's Dad or Grandpa,***

S e r i o u s l y .

You don't want to ruin any surprises, now do you?

Okay, we had a crazy weekend filled with a garage sale, helping friends move, a baby shower, and a birthday party. Matt had Friday, Saturday & Sunday off! It was awesome. Bennett & I spent yesterday resting and catching up on housework. Well, I did some housework. Bennett, not so much. Matt worked last night so after supper we busted out some art supplies and whipped up some awesome Father's Day presents. I'll show you the process, but I'm going to save the finished product for after they've been opened.

It was going so well until...

Mmmm...paint. Don't worry, it's non toxic and he didn't eat too much of it. He just happened to stick his hand in his mouth when I was snapping this picture.

Also, Bennett discovered that much like anything he can get his hands on, paint brushes make awesome drumsticks. He kept turning them around and drumming with the wrong ends.

After all was said and done, we had paint all over ourselves, the camera, a cup, the tub and the wall. I managed to get it off of everything except for the cup and the camera strap. Oh well, it was worth it! I just hope that Matt & Bennett's grandpas love the finished project as much as I do.

I wish that I had more pictures from this weekend and from our dinner with family tonight, but I just feel so dumb having my camera stuck in my hand 24/7. Maybe I'll work on that.


  1. I cannot wait to see the finished project!!! This reminds of the time that I left the girls painting for 2 minutes and came back to Elizabeth painting her belly brown! Fun memories you are making :)

  2. It was only me (Linda) that read the post :)