Monday, June 6, 2011

It came!

In middle & high school we were given awesome planners that we were forced encouraged to use daily. I loved mine. I would decorate it with pictures and quotes and write everything down in it. All my friends and I would trade gel pens to decorate our planners with. Our favorites were Gelly Roll pens. Remember those? They still sell them online, by the way. I checked. We were awesome.

I've struggled to find anything that organizes me as well as those fantastic Des Moines Public Schools planners. I normally have 2 or 3 calendars or planners at a time and it never fails that I forget to write something on one of them. I have been looking on tons of websites trying to find the perfect planner and have come up short. There are things about each of the planners that I've found that I like, but none of them have exactly what I'm looking for.
Fast forward to a few weeks ago. I entered a contest for a giveaway on Spearmintbaby for a $50 Tiny Prints gift card. Much to my amazement, I WON! When I went to their site to see what I wanted to buy with my gift card, I descovered that they sell planners. ah ha! I found a style I really liked and from the few pictures they had of the actual planner part decided that it would be worth a shot. I figured worst case senario, I'd just get a really great looking calendar. So, I parted with my giftcard (yes, it did take the whole $50...yikes) and anxiously waited by the door for the FedEx man to come. Well, I might have done some other things in the mean time, but lets just say I was pretty excited for my new planner to come.

It came today. I was pretty darn excited. I may or may not have met the FedEx man at the door. It's so cute! First off, it was neatly packaged, which just makes it even more exciting. Matt laughed at me because I ran to get my camera before I actually opened the whole package. Did I mention how excited I was? Nerd? Yes. Here comes the part where you have to look at a million pictures of my new planner...

Yes, they packaged my planner in bubble wrap.

This page is currently covered in planning stickers and notes.
That clip also came with it. Annnnd...they made it June to June
since I ordered it in the end of May. How thoughtful.

Lined pages which will be awesome for my incessant list making.


There are 4 whole pages of planning stickers. 2 of them say "Vegas",
which I think is a little strange, but whatever.

Folder to keep loose papers in

Zipper pouch that has "Let's get together cards" and gift labels
I'll be surprised if anyone is actually still reading after all of these rediculous pictures, but if you are perhaps you are just as crazy about organizational supplies as I am.  I'm hoping that this planner lives up to my expectations. I'm pretty much loving it right now. The only thing that could make it better is if it had come with a pack of Gelly Rolls. A girl can wish, can't she?


  1. I LOVE it!! AND I'm super jealous!! It's adorable!

  2. So cute! I think a planner like that warrants the purchase if some Gelly Rolls for sure! Plus gel pens are said to be safer for check writing..,for real! A police man told my friend that gel pens help fight identity theft.

  3. I LOVE it!! It will be fun for you to read back over it several years from now and see what was happening in your life :)

  4. I think that this planner looks amazing! I just was on this morning making a Father's Day card. Now I will have to check out their planners!

  5. that is SO cute and SOOOO you :) i'll be searching for Gelli Rolls ;)