Sunday, June 5, 2011

Some Randomness

I really love putting m&m's in my popcorn. I love it when the m&m's melt, but often just want to eat the m&m's and not so much the popcorn. This results in me digging through a bowl of perfectly good popcorn to eat a few m&m's. Well, I eat some of the popcorn, too... Anyway, I've tried putting some m&m's in the microwave and zapping them for a few seconds, but it's just not the same.

I'm always disappointed after I shop at Walmart or Fareway for my groceries, yet I continue to go to these places. I should probably just stick with HyVee. Problem being that Walmart is the only place in town that sells the popcorn that I really like (Orville Redenbacher's Natural Simply Salted), so I have to go there at least for that and Fareway is on my way home from church. Which is dumb, because our town is like 3 miles wide, so it's not like HyVee is that far away.

I have a very nice "No Soliciting" sign on my front door. It's really nice, really it is. There are lots of "please"'s and it's on flowery paper and at the end it tells them to have a nice day. I get a lot of guff (haha, Sarah!) for having it up, but I like it. Once someone came to the door to sell something and they woke Bennett up when he was sick. I was less than nice, so it prevents that from happening. I really don't want to buy anything that they might be selling and we already know Jesus. Tonight, though, Bennett & I were outside playing when some people came to sell something. They were good. They worded everything so I felt dumb for saying no and ended up giving them $5 for something I didn't want. Of course, after they left I thought of tons of ways I could havesaid no and was mad at myself for not doing just that. Oh, well. Maybe I'll learn for next time and it was only $5.

Matt & I were at a wedding on Saturday night. My sister-in-law was telling a story and said "I catch a lot of guff for..." and before she could finish her sentence, the rest of us at the table were laughing because she used that term and it just sounded so odd. Um, like a paragraph ago, I used the same term without thinking about it...

Bennett has started cuddling with me before he goes to bed and I. love. it. For a long time we had to just let him cry it out and I hated every minute of it, but he would not go to sleep unless we did it. More recently he started  letting me sit in the glider with him on my lap before bed. We go over where all of our body parts are, read a book, sing some songs and pray together. Then we snuggle for a minute or two and I lay him in his crib. Most of the time he will look up at me and wave and then he sings himself to sleep. It makes my heart melt.

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