Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wordless{ish} Wednesday

 We went to the pool again today. I stopped at Walmart first to try and find Bennett some sort of floaty-thing since he doesn't really want to hold my hand and keeps falling face-first into the water. Or maybe diving? It kinda seems intentional about half the time. The boy really wants to swim. For real. Nothing like going into Walmart in your swimsuit. I just hope I don't find a picture of myself on People of Walmart! Okay, it wasn't that bad...and I did put pants and a tank top on. Anyway, I found this floaty for $2. It says for ages 3+, but I'm not sure that an average sized 3-yr-old would be able to fit in this thing. It works perfectly for Bennett (when he wants to use it). He really just wanted to carry it around and then randomly throw it while yelling, "GO!".  Which is what he does with things he loves...and with sticks...generally in the direction of the dog.

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