Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy 15 Months, Bennett Isaiah!

I can't believe that it's been 15 months since I first held you, little boy. You are getting so big! Here are some fun facts about you being 15 months old.

*Bennett has his 15 month well child check up on Friday, so I'll post how much he weighs and all that after his appointment.

Bennett Likes...
Spinning in circles until he falls over
Animal Crackers
Sleeping in
Putting clean clothes (especially underwear) on his head
"Helping" mommy load the dishwasher
Putting the dog food in the dog's water dish
LOVES milk
Reading books
Being outside
Going places
Jumping on trampolines
Pushing buttons

Bennett Dislikes...
Being laid down to go to sleep
Waking up
Missing out on any fun
If someone else gets hurt
Being told it's time to go "night night"
Spaghetti, oddly enough. It's been a favorite until this month.

Triumphs This Month:
You know what a dog and a lion say
You have been screaming less when you don't get your way
You've started playing with puzzles
You learned to "fist bump"

Struggles This Month:
Sleeptime. We missed several naps and this messed up your schedule.
Throwing your food on the floor when you are done eating made a return.
Not pushing buttons on electronics

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