Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hair Homage

Over at Delerious Rhapsody, Deanna is talking about past hair styles & I'm going to jump in on her conversation. After reading her post, I started looking through my files to find some embarrassing pictures of my hair and discovered that I've had slightly different versions of the same few hairstyles my whole life.

#1. Short and Fluffy

#2. Bad Perm (aren't they all?)
*These pictures should continue into Jr. High, but I burned can't find them.

#3. Bob?

#4. Long...for like 6 months. I'm working on growing it out again. I'd really like to donate my hair someday, but I'm not sure if I'll ever get it long enough. Plus, I don't think it can be color treated and I occasionally highlight mine.

#5. My current rut, Shoulder length.

Oh, and this one deserves a category of it's own...

This. This is the extent of my college rebellion. I attempted to die my hair red. Well, technically my friend Kristin died it, but it was awful. This picture was after I washed it a trillion times. It was still orange. Actually, this is probably a decent picture of it. Decent of my hair. Not of my face.

So, anyway...linking up with Delirious Rhapsody for this homage to my hair.

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