Monday, June 20, 2011

Guest Post by Bennett

Mommy meant to have me write this post yesterday, but the day got away from us. Yesterday was Father's Day & I love my Daddy! He is awesome.

Daddy holding me for the first time.

Before Mommy & Daddy had me, Daddy didn't really like other babies. He didn't like to hold them or anything, but I changed all that. When he changed my diaper for the first time, he didn't even have help. He just decided to do it!

Daddy does lots of fun things with me.

He makes me laugh...a lot.

He makes funny faces.
He helps me swim.

He wrestles with me.

He encourages my love of music.

He helps me do things I can't do by myself, even if it means he is uncomfortable & dirty.

He teaches me about things.

He misses me when I'm gone.

He makes a great pillow.

He keeps me safe & warm.

I want to be just like him.

Also, Mommy wanted me to tell you that my grandpa's are awesome daddies too.

My Daddy with his Daddy.

Mommy with Uncle Travis and their Daddy reading books.

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