Friday, June 17, 2011

Goodbye Party

***This post was written to be posted last Friday &somehow it was saved as a draft and never published.***

As I alluded to yesterday, Bennett and I went to a little goodbye get together for our friend Ashley. Like we usually do whenever we have to make a trip to Des Moines for something, we packed the day by seeing lots of people. Poor Bennett didn't get a nap (I hate it when that happens.), but we had a really good time.

We started the day at Erika's house for our last hurrah. We spent most of the time outside watching the kids play.

Bennett wasn't entirely sure about the tire swing...or maybe just not sure about Miss Erika & the tire swing. I had to run out to the van several times and I think Bennett kept thinking that I was going to leave without him. This triggered lots of fake-cry whining.

He was more okay with the awesome Radio Flyer trike and liked having Ashley push him around.

 Annnd we still weren't so sure about the tire swing, even when I was on it.

Like a true (almost) 2-year-old, Erika's son, Colin, wasn't so sure about sharing his toys with Bennett. Although, judging by the color of this lawn mower, I'm not thinking it was Colin's to begin with. It's tough learning to share. Although, maybe he just wanted a ride...hmm...

Lucy wasn't very happy that we brought Elliot (our dog) with us, so this is really the only picture I have of her from yesterday.

Bennett loves music. He played the piano at Erika's and then again at Grandma & Papa's house later.

My mom is hosting an "Auntie Ann Camp" this week for my little sisters-in-law and their best friend. Wednesday, yesterday and today they are doing all kinds of fun activities. They have done crafts and taken a couple of field trips so far. We crashed the end of their camp yesterday and played outside with them.

Bennett loved sitting on the swing watching the bubbles with his aunts.

Then he played in the sandbox with Aunt Lizzie and Grammy. He hates the feel of the wet sand, but really wants to play in it.

We stopped by Bennett's other grandparent's house for a little bit before heading home.

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