Thursday, June 16, 2011

See you at lunch tomorrow?

We're big fans of the NBC show "The Office" here at the Linser house. In fact, when Bennett was younger, he frequently fell asleep on Matt's chest while Matt was watching it on DVD. Bennett would wake up and dance if when just heard the theme song. I'm not making this up. Matt had to mute the TV.

Anyway, this past season on "The Office", the beloved/hated boss, Michael Scott moved away. In the final episode there was a plot where employee Jim Halpert, knowing full well that it was Michael's last day and he wouldn't be seeing him again set up a lunch date with Michael for the following day...that way they never actually had to say goodbye. He tells him that at lunch the next day he will get a chance to tell him what a great boss Michael turned out to be.

Bennett & I spent the morning today with some dear friends, thinking over that episode of The Office. We, too, had to make a non-existent lunch date with a friend for tomorrow.

February 2008

Our friends, The Hoovies, are moving to Pennsylvania & taking their unborn *Baby Lamar with them.  We're really going to miss you, but are so excited that you will be close to family. We can't wait to come and visit and make even more memories with the three of you. We love you, Hoovers!

2007- Can you tell that some people are newlyweds?

In Chicago - February 2008
This was the trip that solidified our friendship...haha!

Erika, myself & Ashley at the Warren's wedding in 2008.


Stevensons, Hoovers & Linsers at the Warren's wedding in 2008.

Hoovers & Warrens visiting Grace Newton
Summer 2008

Askren wedding 2010

June 2011

If this picture had been taken when we all met, there would be 4 fewer children in it.
How life has changed!

What a wonderful friend you turned out to be.

*Not Baby Hoover's actual name.

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