Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Random Quick Updates

We got back from our little trip to Dubuque last night and have spent most of the day resting and getting caught up on some things around the house. I've got a post about our weekend coming tomorrow, but I thought I'd do a quick update on some other things we've had going on.

Bennett had his 15 month well child appointment on Friday. He got one shot at took it like a champ... a little whining while the needle was in and then he was done. He is 23lbs (up one lb from his 1-yr appt) and 31.25 inches (or was it 32.25? well, anyway it's up one inch from his 1-yr appt. I wrote it down.). According to the clinic, this puts him at just under 30th percentile for weight and just under 50th percentile for height, but according to the Gerber child growth tracker online, he's around 50th percentile for both. Whatever, it doesn't really matter. I'm a little surprised at how "small" he's getting, though, since he was at about 80th percentile for the majority of the first year of his life. The dr. said he's either hit or surpassed all of the milestones they check for.

In the last week Bennett's learned several new things. He now says "more", nods his head "yes" and can make a monkey noise. It's crazy to see him just learn so much so suddenly. He also really likes to climb on me now. If I'll lay on the floor or ottoman he will crawl on top of me and cuddle up. Love.

We had a really great day today. Matt had today off and took Bennett for a jog while I got ready this morning and then we all walked up to the town square to take the dog to get his hair cut. The poor thing couldn't see anything because his eyebrows were over his eyes. He looks much nicer now. Matt & Bennett took a nap. Well, Matt fell asleep while he was putting Bennett down for a nap. I snuck in there to take a picture and found Bennett squirming on Matt's lap because Matt had fallen asleep. I didn't end up getting a picture because I had to save Bennett. I put him in his crib and sent Matt to our bedroom to nap. I guess the weekend wore both of them out! We filled up Bennett's little baby pool and then he played in it for a while after supper. He didn't really want to sit down, but it was pretty cold. He had a great time just filling up different toys with water and putting it in a bucket.

The TV is on while I am writing this post and my least favorite commercial was just on. This stupid commercial was on years ago and I haven't seen it forever. I really, really hate it. Like I have to turn away every time it comes on. I glanced up to see it and turned to Matt and said, "WHY is that stupid commercial back on? What the heck?!" I thought I was rid of it. ARGH! When I looked it up on youtube, it said it was posted 3 years ago. It's time to retire it!

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